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"Once or twice a year, MACUCC hosts a 3 - 5 day training by the Interim Ministry Network, using Edwards House as the primary site for lodging, meals, and meetings. Participants nearly unanimously compliment the facilities, the food, and the extravagantly welcoming and helpful staff. We are delighted to return time after time for these events."
~ Bob Livingston, Interim Ministry Network faculty member

Meeting Rooms


The Johnson Room: Seating 10 to 15, the 14'x18' Johnson Room is a comfortable, informal space to gather. Also known as the front porch, the Johnson Room adjoins the Tolley Room.

The Johnson Room is dedicated to Rev. Dr. William R. Johnson, the first openly gay person ordained in the United Church of Christ (UCC) in 1972, and the first such person ordained in the Christian church. Bill continues to provide counsel and support to LGBT seminarians and clergy persons in the UCC and ecumenically.


The Tolley Room: Seating up to 14, this 14'x27' conference room adjoins the Johnson Room (above).
The Tolley Room is dedicated to the selfless ministries of the Rev. Dr. William P. Tolley and Nancy Tolley, who served the United Church of Christ in many capacities as minister and members of Central Congregational Church of Newtonville from 1978-1991.


The Shumway Room is a roomy 22'x27' size that accommodates up to 30 people. The space can be configured in numerous ways including classroom or conference style, or as an informal layout of comfy sofas.
The Shumway Room is dedicated to David S. Shumway, faithful member and lay leader of the Central Congregational Church of Newtonville, and treasurer of the Massachusetts Conference, United Church of Christ from 1993-1998.
The Brown Room can accommodate 10-15 people at its round conference table. Room dimensions are 15'x18'. Also known as the back porch, this room is bright and cheery!
The Brown Room is dedicated to Antoinette Brown Blackwell, preacher, abolitionist and lifelong advocate for women's rights. She was ordained by the Congregational Church in 1853, the first woman to be ordained in the U.S. A pioneering suffragist, she voted November 2, 1920 at age 95.


The Haynes Room can accommodate up to 12 at its conference table. The room measures 18'x22' and has a monitor installed for participants' use.
The Haynes Room is dedicated to Lemuel Haynes, Congregational minister, writer and abolitionist, and the first African American to be ordained in a U.S. mainline Protestant denomination.
"Liberty is equally as precious to a black man, as it is to a white one, and bondage equally as intolerable to the one as to the other." 
 Rev. Lemuel Haynes


The Amistad Dining Room, at 31'x50', can accommodate 100 people in a variety of configurations. The plentiful windows and spacious feel make this the perfect location for your dinner, conference or retreat.
The Amistad Room is dedicated to the 53 African Americans from Sierra Leone who bravely fought for their freedom while aboard the ship Amistad in 1839.
























See you Tuesday!  I'm always excited when we have trainings at your place because the food is so good!
~ Kavya Sekar, MA Community Development Corp.